`Russian Stealth` 1st public flight: Sukhoi PAK FA T-50 at MAKS airshow - WebTv

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RT on Facebook: RT on Twitter: of the future of Russia`s fighter jet program, the PAK -FA (T-50) has made its first public flight at MAKS-2011 airshow. The Sukhoi-made plane took to the skies for a 8-minute show. The jet`s said to be equipped with some of the most advance avionics on the planet. It will be able to land on short runways and fly in any weather. It can carry up to eight medium range or two long-range missiles in its two internal bays. The jet`s first prototype performed its maiden flight last January, and carried out 36 test flights. The fifth generation fighter`s expected to enter service in Russia in 2015. The price tag is estimated at US $100 million.